It wasn’t all that long ago that if your office didn’t have a fax machine, you were old fashioned. If you didn’t have a computer or a mobile phone, you were not really in business. Email addresses and websites were not the norm 20 years ago. Fast forward 20 years, and the tech world is a totally different space.

The cloud is the turning point technology. Everything is starting to become ‘cloud based’. It continues to shift on  features that are being offered by the vendors of the tech. Customers visions are also changing on the ways they want to use it.   The solutions will be created by vendors to fulfill those customer visions and in the process, some new tech will be invented.

Cloud will continue to be a big part of the tech strategy, but along with that, the expectations will continue to change as well as expand. Why is this so? Because, in the tech world, change is a constant. Can you keep up?